Lease To Own Financing

We are now working with a unique lending company that offers lease-to-own financing on purchases of up to $5000.  This program allows the consumer to be flexible with their budget and is designed to offer low monthly payments while having the ability to pay off the balance at any time.  Application is free and approvals are fast and convenient.  Here are some advantages to leasing:


        • No credit card required.
        • All types of credit scores can be evaluated.
        • Make low monthly payments instead of coming up with one lump sum up front.
        • Build your credit!  Positive monthly reporting to the credit bureaus occur with each timely payment.
        • Early buyout is available at any time to SAVE money.  With no pre-payment penalties.
        • Set up your plan to pay off the balance with future income (like tax refunds, birthday gifts, Christmas, or weddings).
        • Cater your own payment plan with a partial down payment to decrease finance charges and total payoff.
        • No need to waste money on renting a paddleboard.  Leasing puts your money towards the purchase.


Example:       Purchase Price = $1000

              Monthly Payment = $110.12

              Finance Period = 18 months


Early Buyout Options:

Months                     Early Buyout Payment                   Savings

     1                                       $1050                                  44%

     3                                       $950                                    39%

     6                                       $800                                    30%

     9                                       $650                                    21%

*These estimates above assume the customer is making monthly payments on time and are just 4 examples.  Customer can buyout at any time during the course of the lease.


Already approved? Call us at 864-235-6630 to make your purchase!

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